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By me for my neighbour
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I hosted a free house concert featuring Matthew Robinson for my neighbours at the end of September ... in appreciation of their support, friendliness and kindness.

Shilpa Stocker
By my neighbour for a neighbour
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Kind gentleman at Costco gas station that helped me get my frozen shut gas door open so I could fill my car. Much appreciated especially since it was -29 at the time.

Debi Charlesworth
By my neighbour for everyone
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Every Monday evening Tom Price plays music for the residents at St Mikes. EVERY Monday. I doubt if he took 6 Mondays off last year. He is regularly joined by pals Roy Bartz and often lately by drummer Matt Lipinski. They have made the effort to get to know people there.They joke, tease, and play fun music. They make life brighter for people who often need a little boost. Thanks guys!

St Michaels
Deb Rakos