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By me for my city
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Through hard work, and consistent commitment to both the City of Lethbridge and the youth of Lethbridge, I have become the chair of the Youth Advisory Council. I'm inspired everyday by this city, and I hope in this position I can continue to make this city even greater!

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Derek St. Jean
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I was chaperoning a group of teens and noticed that during social times, one of them kept to herself. The rest of the group was loud and having fun and being playful but she stayed in another room. I initially went to check on her, but then realized she was an introvert and also a bit lonely. I stayed and visited. I learned a lot of interesting things about her and got her to smile a lot :)

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Lori Harasem
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Shared some upcycling ideas including turning old light coverings into outdoor light features for your garden and turning an old t-shirt into a skirt.

Jenn Schmidt-Rempel