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I Noticed a young mother walking up to the door holding the hand of her Son carrying a her baby with the other arm. I jumped up and grabbed the door and held it open for her. Not much i do that type of thing ALL the's a start ; )

Starbucks (South location) by Dunlop FORD.
Matt Lavers
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As per the website, “The objective of Coulee Clean-Up is to remove accumulated litter and debris from Lethbridge’s natural areas.” It is quite amazing what stuff you find during the cleanup, with a wonderment of how did it get there in the first place. It's quite a fun time when you volunteer with friends or peers and have some friendly completion to see who collects the most.

Lethbridge Coulees
Jeff Takeyasu
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The Lethbridge Senior Citizens Organization has an annual Christmas Day luncheon. Carrie and I have been volunteering for the past years and we love it! We get the opportunity to provide a community service, pay it forward and meet some awesome people. The feeling you have afterwards, is indescribable. Hats off to Councilor Miyashiro and his staff for being such a great community event host.

Lethbridge Senior Citizens Organization
Jeff Takeyasu
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Purchased an order through a drive through and paid for the vehicles order behind me. We should all " Pay It Forward"

Kelly Heath