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Created the Lethbridge Adopt A Stormdrain program. Adopting a StormDrain in your neighbourhood or near your school will help keep debris out of our stormdrains and prevent pollution from entering our ponds and Oldman River. This is a great opportunity to become environmental stewards, volunteer and keep Lethbridge beautiful and healthy. Recieve a free Storm Drain Survival Kit when you adopt!

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Karen Armstrong
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Reducing my environmental footprint has been a goal for quite some time. My passion led me to chair a Green IT! committee, where we looked for better and alternative ways of reducing the technical footprint. Environmental Sustainability is easy and as simple as recycling reusable materials to using energy efficient lighting. The objective is to leave our wonderful world in a better state.

Jeff Takeyasu
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Through the UofL's Faculty of Management, we befriend a number of exchange students each semester. They don't live with us but we take them to see typical Canadian culture - hockey games, events in the community, etc. We will be attending the Pow Wow at the ENMAX Centre coming up on the Feb 20th weekend. This gives them a taste of Canadiana, but it is also a chance for us to learn from them.
Lori Harasem