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Serving on several volunteer boards for non-profits, and also working on a number of other committees has been a great way to do a little bit for our city, and also to meet and get to know some of great people that are always hard at work behind the scenes in Lethbridge.

Fergus Raphael
By me for my community
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In order to keep the Y's Family Day Event safe and free, many staff and volunteers are required and they are GIVING their time. We are so thankful for their commitment!

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Bobbi "enough about me, let's talk about you for a minute" Cullum
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Wanting to get more involved in our broader community I joined a volunteer board and now serve as one of the Directors with Family Centre. The vision for Family Centre is Healthy Children! Healthy Families! Healthy Communities! I am proud to have this wonderful organization in our community that offers so much to families in terms of programming and support in Southern AB.

Kristen Schindel
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Knowing neighbours makes life better. I do side walk for a stroke victim, and the community mail box so it is not so slippery for her. A neighbours Mom works with my cousin in Yellow knife! Small world. You never know who you will get to know if you don't reach out! Perhaps a summer block party with all the kids is next!:) Would be fun! I walk for Coldest night of year to help our our community.

West Lethbridge
Vicki Gibson